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June 2021
20 June
What is my life all about? | Romans 16
Lasting Hope Series

13 June
Does the church just want my money? | Romans 15:14-33
Lasting Hope Series

6 June
Why tolerance is not enough | Romans 14:1-15:13
Lasting Hope Series

May 2021
30 May
What does God want from me? | Romans 13
Lasting Hope Series

23 May
Viral Mercy | Romans 12
Lasting Hope Series

16 May
Is God real? | Romans 9-11
Lasting Hope Series

9 May
What do I have to hope for? | Romans 8
Lasting Hope Series

2 May
Why do I fail? | Romans 7
Lasting Hope Series

April 2021
25 April
How can I be free? | Romans 6
Lasting Hope Series

18 April
What does Jesus offer?
Rivers of Living Water | John 7:37-44

11 April
Do you want to get well? John 5:1-9

4 April
Easter Sunday
Lasting Hope Series

2 April
Good Friday
NO LIVESTREAM – 10:30am Service at Ngunnawal Primary School

March 2021
28 March
What can I expect from a relationship with God?
Romans 5
Lasting Hope

21 March
Don’t waste your life!
If you don’t want to waste your life you need to know what ‘life’ is really all about. Jesus’ version takes a bit of grit, but is achievable and full of purpose.

Mark 8:27-38
Guest Speaker: Ben Pfahlert

14 March
How can I be right with God …really?
Romans 4
Lasting Hope

7 March
But now… Romans 3
Lasting Hope

February 2021

28 February
Romans 2
Lasting Hope

21 February
Romans 1:16-32
How Can I Like An Angry God?

14 February
Lasting Hope

7 February
Philippians 4:10-23
How to live your best life


January 2021

31 January
Philippians 4:2-9
How to relieve your stress

24 January
Philippians 3:1-4:1
Is there anything left to hope for?

17 January
Philippians 2:12-30
Am I doing enough for God?

10 January
Philippians 2:1-11
How do I love like Jesus?

3 January
Philippians 1:12-30
Will my life get any better?

December 2020

27 December
Philippians 1:1-11
The Secret To Your Best Year Yet

Christmas Day
Christmas at New Life

20 December
It’s a boy!

13 December
So… what am I supposed to do now?

6 December
How am I supposed to feel about Jesus’ death?

November 2020

29 November
Why do I need the Lord’s Supper?
(Outdoor Service)

22 November
Am I ready for the return of Jesus?

15 November
What does Jesus say about the end?

8 November
Am I good enough for God?

1 November
Does Jesus impress you or irritate you?

October 2020

25 October
Why follow Jesus?

18 October
What is the kingdom of heaven like?

11 October
Where is God in riches?

4 October
The Way of the Lord

September 2020

27 September
Where is God in disability?

20 September
Where is God in poverty? (Compassion Child Sponsorship)

13 September
Where is God in divorce and remarriage?

6 September
How can I forgive?

August 2020

30 August
Do I think too much of myself?

23 August
The Real Jesus

16 August
Can I be a Christian without the Church?

9 August
Is following my heart good advice?

2 August
Can Jesus take away my fear?

July 2020

26 July
Are you really listening to Jesus?

19 July
Marking Time

12 July
Making Money

5 July
Making Plans

June 2020

28 June
True Rest & Renewal

21 June
From restless to restful

14 June
Know and Grow in Understanding

7 June
New Life at Rest

May 2020

31 May

24 May
Jesus Invites us into a new reality by faith

17 May
Living a life of restoration

10 May
Realign your life

3 May
Refresh your life

April 2020

26 April 2020
Recalibrate your journey

19 April 2020
Recognise God

12 April 2020
Easter Sunday