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10 May 2020

this changes everything

BIG IDEA:  Jesus realigns our life under his calm control


Join us live, Sunday morning at 10am on Zoom and Facebook Live. 

New here? Let us know. We’d like to invite you to be part of our Zoom and Facebook Live next Sunday.

1. Gather @Home

Join us LIVE on Zoom & Facebook at 10am

  1. Welcome
  2. Focus
  3. Pray
  4. Bible Reading: Matthew 8:18-34

2. Bible @Home

(Allow 4 mins)

Part One
Matthew 8:18-34

3. Sing @Home

(Allow 5 mins)

Our God
Chris Tomlin

3. Pray @Home

(Allow 3-5 mins)

5. Learning Together @Home

(Allow 9 mins)

Jesus, Our Safe Place
Colin Buchanan

6. Bible @Home

(Allow 22 mins)

Guest ‘from the archives’
Michael Raiter
Matthew 8:23-27

7. Sing @Home

(Allow 3 mins)

Praise to the Lord
Emu Music

8. Discuss @Home

(Allow 10 mins)

Discuss & Pray


New Life @Home
Podcast. Ep004.

(Allow 15 mins)

Topic: Compassion
Guest: Bruce Boyle & Moonsun Miles

9. Open House @Home

Join online with your Life Group* or drop-in to the Smidt’s Open House on Zoom**

*Your Life Group leader will provide the link to you personally.
**Details emailed on Friday


Not yet part of a Life Group, but would like to be?

Join an online Life Group, make friends & grow in your faith.

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