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19 July 2020

The world has changed

BIG IDEA: Our comfort when marking time in a changing world is a compassionate and merciful God


Join us live, Sunday morning at 10am.

New here? Let us know. We’d like to invite you to be part of our Zoom and Facebook Live next Sunday.

1. Gather @Home

Join us LIVE on YouTube & Facebook at 10am
9:45am on Zoom for Community Time

  1. Welcome
  2. Song 1: We Declare
  3. Pray
  4. Bible Reading: James 5:1-6
  5. Bible Talk
  6. Song 2: All My Ways
  7. Thanksgiving & Dedication

2. Kids Activity Sheets

3. Bible @Home

James 5:7-11
Marking Time
Russell Smidt

Sermon replay will be available here after 12pm Sunday.

4. Further Resources

Our role as Christians amid chaos

Are we a church if we are not meeting?

Dramatic Reading: Job

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