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7 June 2020

New Life @Rest


Instead of looking out through screens for ‘church’ this long-weekend we will focus our time on turning towards God and one another in Bible reading, prayer and joy-filled rest.

I explain more in this 3-min video. (I laugh at the irony of communicating a message via video about taking a break from video… that’s why I got it to you earlier in the week).

This Sunday as you rest, NewLife@Home is a Read&Pray guide through Matthew 10. The guide is attached below.

Brock, Tim and I had a fruitful Review & Planning Retreat on Wednesday. It was a joy to simply be together. We miss being physically alongside one another in ministry. Christian discipleship and ministry is like a bullock team: muscling up alongside one another, leaning in against one another and rubbing shoulders to pull the gospel-wagon and one another through the bog.

The present ‘bog’ is deep and long.

It’s not yet time for us to resume physical gatherings of NewLife on Sundays. During June, we are working on options to keep us all connected to NewLife@Home on Sundays through Term 3. Please pray for our understanding of new technologies and wise spending of money on what we need.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you… a little bit more refreshed and rested for NewLife@Home on Sunday 14 June.

Rest, grace and peace,
Russell Smidt

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