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There are a lot of things to bring before God at this time and we appreciate you partnering with us in prayer. The Prayer Points for the various Jericho Road ministries are below.

In other news, please put Saturday 14th August at 8am – 9am in your diary. We will be holding a Zoom Prayer Meeting with the Jericho Road Chaplaincy team. Come along and hear about their work in Hospitals, Prisons and Emergency Services. RSVP via the button below.

The team at Jericho Road are praying for all our supporters. We know that this is a stressful time with many of us in lockdown, separated from loved ones and under stress. We pray that God will strengthen you with his love and peace at this time.

Kind regards,
The Jericho Road Team

  • Tregear Presbyterian Preschool had a visit from the Minister of Education and Early Learning, Sarah Mitchell last month. Praise God for the opportunity to showcase the centre and share the ways Tregear supports the children and their families.
  • Please pray for the educators and the families as COVID impacts their day-to-day lives.
  • Pray for the new staff members who have joined the CPU team. Please pray for their transitions into their roles during lockdown.
  • Give thanks for the generosity to the Allowah EOFY appeal. With further lockdowns, Allowah would be in a very difficult position without the donations that have come through.
  • Please pray for staff during this time. Keeping the hospital safe from COVID is adding extra strain and workload.
  • Pray for Jason as he plans to embark on his Imago Dei Disability Advocacy tour.
  • Pray that churches reach out to invite Jason visit and speak. And pray for the COVID situation, that the tour will be able to go ahead.
  • Praise God that the Winter Warmer care packs were able to be distributed to refugee families prior to lockdown.
  • Pray for the families and for the Sydney Refugee Team as they care for these families.

NSW Floods

  • Pray for those across NSW who continue to recover after the floods earlier in the year. Insurance assessments are taking time and holding up the recovery process.
  • Please pray for Port Macquarie Presbyterian members Des and Ros as they continue on the road to recovery. The church helped in the clean up process and with funds donated to the Jericho Road Flood Appeal.

“The support of Jericho Road during the flood meant a lot to us. The Relief Fund gave a good structure for giving and receiving; but even more, it was encouraging to know that we were not alone, and that God’s people were caring and praying for our community.” Rev Donnellan – Port Macquarie Presbyterian

South Coast Bushfire Team

  • The South Coast Volunteers would appreciate prayer for opportunities to talk to our contacts about the love and mercy of God. Also for the right words to say and a humble and gentle in reply to enquiries or comments.
  • The team would also appreciate prayer for the ongoing strengthening for the long haul and that they would continue to rely on God.
  • Praise God for the company ‘Good 360’ who have become a major supplier of donated goods (for a small handling and delivery fee). Pray that they receive product that is needed by their contacts as they move forward on their individual road to recovery.

Todd – South Coast Correctional Centre

  • Pray for the family of senior correctional officer Jason T who recently died from a brief battle with cancer leaving behind a young family. Pray for opportunities to support grieving staff.
  • Pray for the chaplains at the south coast cc as they change focus areas within the prison. Pray they quickly establish relationships with staff and inmates in the areas.

Rochelle – Allowah and Westmead Children’s Hospitals

  • We are thankful for God’s hand of protection over the staff and children at Allowah during the pandemic.
  • We are so thankful for God’s provision of financial help through the many people who made donations during our EOFY fundraising, and for the extreme generosity of “the Digger” who matched donations dollar for dollar.
  • We thank God for the children that he brings through Allowah, that they might receive unique and quality care in His name.
  • We pray that the LORD will give our CEO Liz McClean and the ELT wisdom in response to the current Greater Sydney Lockdown, making any necessary changes in response to NSW Health directives, so that children with complex medical needs and their families can continue to receive much-needed support from Allowah.
  • Pray that the LORD’S hand of protection will be on the children and staff at Allowah during this time of heightened community transmission in Sydney.
  • We thank God for our extended “Allowah Family”, that is the church groups, school groups, and community groups that continue to reach out to Allowah during lockdown. Groups that send quilts, blankets, and video recordings of their group reading a story or playing a musical instrument that the children can watch on our smartboard. Invitations to join in zoom Sunday Schools or livestream Sunday School has also been wonderful. It really contributes to the morale of the children, families and staff at Allowah when our extended Family continue to reach out to us with God’s loving kindness.
  • We pray that God’s loving kindness to us in Jesus will continue to be evident to the children, families and staff who are connected with Allowah.

Christine – Prince of Wales Hospital

  • Pray for the Lord’s care and compassion to be granted to all patients who aren’t able to have family and friends visit them.
  • Pray for Spirit lead opportunities to listen well and offer God’s comfort as I go to visit in POW.
  • Pray for extra patience and self-control as we all navigate new ways of working and visiting and relating.

Michael – RPA and Westmead Hospitals

  • Give thanks that in this current Covid lockdown we are still able to see patients (even with some limitations).
  • That we are able to find opportunities to pastorally care for the many patients who are feeling very lonely and isolated at present.
  • That we can pastorally care for staff who are stressed and overworked at present.
  • That the Lord keeps sending us opportunities to minister to families who are not allowed to visit the hospitals.
  • For continued good health and rest amidst a time when chaplaincy is desperately needed.
  • That I would continue to honour the Lord Jesus and walk with him.

Carin – Riverina Juvenile Justice

  • Please pray for young people in custody unable to have any visitors due to COVID restrictions.
  • Pray for patience and a sense of calm with court proceedings being slower than usual due to COVID impact. Leading to extended time on Remand.

Joseph – St Vincent Hospital

  • Please keep our nurses and doctors in the intensive care caring for COVID patients – that they may be sustained in their work and may be rested each night to return to their roles to carry on caring for the critically sick patients.
  • Pray for many families who are struggling with the visiting restrictions as they are not allowed to visit their loved ones during the lockdown. Pray for the patients who are isolated and finding this restriction difficult – pray that the lockdown will finish soon, and their loved ones may be allowed to visit their patients soon.
  • Pray for the chaplains to remain calm and carry on with our ministries of caring for the vulnerable ones during this lockdown.

Ian Schoonwater – Senior Chaplain

  • Prayer for students in the chaplaincy course that as learning will be online that they may be able to adjust well to the format and also be able to carry out their practical placements
  • Pray for the emotional and spiritual well being of all our chaplains with changes to how they work in the uncertainty that COVID restrictions brings.

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