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What a joy it is to have church life starting to return to normal again! Will you join us in praying for the many activities in and around Jericho Road?

  • Please pray for Allowah as we reach out to government for emergency funding through the Allowah ePetition.
  • Praise God that over 2000 people have signed the petition so far.

  • Pray that many more people will sign and share the petition before it is given to our local member to present to NSW parliament.
  • Pray for the children, families and staff as we navigate this tricky time.
  • Thank God for keeping the children and staff safe for the past 18 months.
  • Praise God that the COVID restrictions are easing and we have been able to allow a few more children to come into Allowah for much needed support and respite for families after the long lockdown period.

Packed with Love Christmas Hampers

  • We give thanks that restrictions have eased enough that we can facilitate the annual Christmas Hampers for the Sydney Refugee Team, families of children attending one of our preschools, families of inmates supported by our prison chaplains and people recovering from crisis and disaster.
  • We pray that the hampers are a wonderful opportunity to show connection, care and God’s great love.
  • Please pray for generous donations of food and funds to help facilitate this.
  • Please pray for Rev Jason Forbes as he prepares for his Imago Dei tour starting soon.
  • Pray that many churches will take the opportunity to hear Jason share his important message around disability and the gospel.

Counselling Service

  • Please pray for the counsellors and psychologists as the navigate the extra demands since lockdown.
  • Pray that the counselling service will be able to effectively connect people with appropriate services.
  • Pray for our ministry families who have been under strain after this challenging year.
  • Please pray as the preschools prepare for enrollments for next year. For wisdom and guidance for the directors in funding, planning and navigating COVID restrictions and the staffing shortages that come from that.
  • Pray for the strength of staff after a difficult year. For increased connection with families and the mental wellbeing for staff, children, families and the community.
  • Praise God for Ian Schoonwater’s new role as Snr NSW Police Chaplain starting in January. Pray for a refreshing break before Ian heads into this new role.
  • As Keith Walker moves on from his job as RNSH Chaplain to Home Missionary at Woodford and Wentworthfalls Presbyterian Churches, please pray for a smooth transition.

  • Please pray for the chaplaincy team as they seek to fill these positions. Pray that the changes will go smoothly and handovers will go well. 

Jericho Road HR

  • Please pray for the recruitment of Support Workers and Nursing staff for Allowah ready for the Christmas period. That there will be adequate, good quality staff.

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