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Sunday 19 September

Open Doors Sunday

For parents

Make Sunday the best day of the week in your home. Here’s some helpful hints and tips for making the most of New Life Kids material.

September 2021

12 September
God is with Joseph

5 September
God is with Joseph

August 2021

29 August
God is with Joseph

22 August
God is with Joseph

15 August
God Promises to Bless His People

8 August
God Promises to Rescue His People

1 August
God’s Creation & People Are Broken By Sin!

July 2021

18 July
Friendship With God: Perfected Friendships

11 July
Friendship With God: Restored Friendships

4 July
Friendship With God: Broken Friendships

June 2021

27 June
Jesus’ Mission All Around The World

20 June
The Message Of The Mission: Repent And Accept Jesus As King

13 June
Jesus’ Mission Is Spreading

6 June
Jesus Is The Real King

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