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Sunday 1 August

God’s Creation & People Are Broken By Sin!

Parent & Teacher Guide

Here’s some helpful hints and tips for making the most of New Life Kids @Home materials.

Activity & Intro

Creation walk: take children for a walk around outside and talk about things you can see that God made that are broken, decayed or dead. Perhaps you might like to collect these items they see along the way. Show and discuss items before watching the video next.


Video: God's Masterpiece

The masterpiece videos across the next 4 weeks help to build up the secondary idea about children in God’s creation.


Video: Adam & Eve Sin (Genesis 3)

Bridge to what the Bible says about creation and sin.

Discussion Questions


Do you think the snake forced Adam and Eve to eat the fruit or do you think they had a choice?


Do we have choices today to live God’s way or our own way?


How can we have help to live God’s way?


Who did God send to deal with the problem of sin?

Activity Idea: Dominoes

Remind the children that Adam & Eve’s sin affected all the people who followed them. 

Children set up dominoes on their edges so that if one domino is toppled the rest will fall. When the dominoes are set up. Allow them to knock the first domino over and set off a chain reaction.

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