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Sunday 15 August

God Promises to Bless His People

Parent & Teacher Guide

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So far we see in the Bible God lovingly creates all things for his good purposes. And that remains the same for everyone and everything God makes… including you! In Genesis 12 we see how God brings a focus to his promise to bless all people through Abraham… and his family.

Activity & Intro

Memory Verse Treasure Hunt: Prepare 13 cut out stars. Each star has one word of the memory verse written on it:

Abram believed the Lord and the Lord was pleased with him.
Genesis 15:6

Hide the stars in a safe area (inside or outside if fine weather). Children search for the stars then arrange them into a sentence. Once children have wrestled with the best sentence formation, you can provide prompts/questions that get them to memory verse.


Video: Abraham & Lot

Genesis 12-13

In the true story of Abraham we learn that God is so committed to his people he will focus his promise of blessing to be through one family. This is the family into which Jesus is born. God will keep his promise even when it looks impossible.


Video: Abram to Abraham (Genesis 15-21)

Discussion Questions


What is one thing you liked in today’s videos?


Did Abram do anything special that made God choose him?


Why was God pleased with Abram?


Can we trust God? Why?

Activity Idea: Activity Sheets

Download the activity sheets in the Parent & Teacher Guide

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