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Sunday 21 November

The Prophets: Ahh, Blah, Meh! Rejoice! (Job 1-2)

Aim: This guide is to lead families through talking about the application of
Zechariah 9 and finding joy in unhappy places.

Feeling lousy? Stuck in a moment? God sees you and knows that feeling.  How? Find out as we catch a glimpse of Anton, Stephen and Skito struggling to get out of first gear and make sense of life’s ups and downs.

Watch Stephen draw on a powerful account of one person’s very hard times, from the Old Testament; Get on your feet with Skito as he raps out  from 1 Thessalonians 5 and celebrate in some contemplative relaxation  with Anton’s take on ASMR.


Question 1

What is one thing you liked in today’s video?

Question 2

Why would Job have felt unhappy in Stephen’s true story from the bible?

Question 3

How do we know God cares for us even when we feel unhappy?

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