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Sunday 8 August

God Promises to Rescue His People

Parent & Teacher Guide

Here’s some helpful hints and tips for making the most of New Life Kids @Home materials.

Activity & Intro

Raft Rescue: Provide one sheet of newspaper between two children (which can’t be torn during the game). All the children/family work as a team to transport themselves from one location to another. No one can touch the ground (water!), but must only walk on newspaper rafts. A ‘raft’ cannot be moved while someone is on it. Strategise the placement of rafts so everyone can safely get across. Once complete you could try to get back to the original location using half the number of rafts (remove half the pieces of paper). This activity can be done outside or inside.


Video: God's Masterpiece

[Start video at 6:49, Stop video at 9:06]
The Masterpiece videos creatively teach children of their value and purpose in God’s creation. In the true story of Noah we learn that God is so committed to his people he will rescue them from the greatest mess. And he promises to do it again and again. This is what the Bible says…


Video: Noah & The Flood (Genesis 6-9)

Discussion Questions


What is one thing you liked in today’s videos?


How did Noah show God that he loved and trusted him?


How did God provide Noah a way to escape God’s judgment?


 How does God provide us a way to escape God’s judgment of sin?

Activity Idea: Paper Arks

Follow the instructions in the Parent & Teacher Guide to make an origami boat. Or visit this website for tutorial: https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/how-to- make-a-paper-boat/

Each child will need a sheet of A4 paper.

NB: Group leaders/parents might need to practice this beforehand

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