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Christmas 2021

Christmas is meant to be a time of fun, excitement and parties. But sometimes there is also sadness, uncertainty and worry.

This Christmas, the Quiz Worx team brings your new Christmas show: “Does God Care?” As they unpack the Christmas story they will show that God Does Care, as He hears, He speaks and He acts in Jesus.

Created with Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpretation.


Discussion questions for after the video!

Question 1

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Question 2

Is there anything you are worried about this Christmas? Do you think God can do anything about these things?

Question 3

What difference does it make to you knowing that God cares?

‘Digging Deeper’ Family Devotionals

To help you think more about how much God hears, God speaks, and God acts in Jesus, we have provided three devotionals. We encourage you to read these passages with those in your household at a time that suits and use the questions to guide you as you talk about and reflect on Jesus this Christmas.

These devotionals are available in the parent guide.

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