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9am Sunday / Livestream
10:30am Sunday / Church Service, Ngunnawal Primary School Hall

THIS WEEK: How am I supposed to feel about Jesus’ death?

Passage: Matthew 27:11-43
Preacher: Russell Smidt

New Life at Home PODCAST

Ep 024 / TEAR + Community
Guest: Sandra Clifford

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This week: New Life KIDS at Home

Jonah #1:
God’s grace, kindness & love are available to all!

A man is swallowed by a giant fish! The Book of Jonah sure is exciting. But Jonah being swallowed up by a giant fish isn’t the most exciting part! The Book of Jonah helps us see that God is a God of Grace and Kindness and Love. But the prophet Jonah is not happy about this! Jonah thinks that the people of Nineveh are too bad to deserve God’s forgiveness. Join Chrissy and Gem as they take us on a journey with Jonah to discover God’s amazing Grace, Kindness and Love towards all people.


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