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Hi Everyone,

How are you travelling?  This last month has been mostly more of the same, which has been nice. Rhythms of life have returned although things are still mostly online. I’ve ventured into the KGK office a couple of times for newsletter mail outs but it felt really strange catching a train. There is a wariness and tiredness from always trying to do your best at social distancing, washing your hands and just staying at home.

Please pray for KGK students and staff as we head into the last month before summer holidays. Many of the students have mentioned that they are lacking motivation, which is partly normal for this time of the year, but has been exacerbated by all the extra pressure of living life online. There is still, of course, uncertainty about what things we will be able to enjoy over the summer and whether it will be wise to travel. Public and school pools are going to remain closed over summer which means there won’t be anywhere to find fun relief from the stifling heat.

Please keep praying for me, and other Christians in Japan, that we will continue to seek opportunities to share the gospel with those around us. It feels like incidental conversations are few and far between but pray for creativity and patience in seeking to share the hope that we have in Jesus.

Hopefully you will receive this before the end of the financial year, and for those who like living on the edge, today is your last chance to give to the lasting hope appeal 🙂 I’ve been so encouraged by the continued partnership and support for CMS through this difficult time.

Your partner in Christ,

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