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Hi Everyone,

I hope that this finds you well and praising the Lord.

As I write this, we are expecting a new State of Emergency to be declared this afternoon, to begin on Sunday (25th) for 3 weeks. Although this won’t be as serious a lockdown as many countries, restaurants, department stores and amusement parks will all be asked to close. This will have very little effect on my daily life but will hopefully go some way to stopping the spread of the virus as we head into our 4th wave. Please continue to pray for the Japanese government and other officials who make decisions, that they will have wisdom. Pray also for those working in health care as they continue to care for others, and that hospital beds will be made available for those who need them.

University classes started at the beginning of April. Many students had classes for one week and then because of rising COVID numbers in the Kansai area, were cancelled or went online from the second week. Students don’t seem too put out, I think they have just gotten used to the idea of doing their studies primarily online, and the uncertainties that go with it all.

KGK ministry has continued pretty much the same as it has over the last year. Our block prayer meetings started a few weeks ago and it has been encouraging to see some first-year students join. We have also had new students joining online campus groups which has been exciting. Please pray that new students will feel welcome and will enjoy fellowship in the campus and block meetings.

I probably mentioned this before, but one of the upsides of doing ministry online is that meetings can be more accessible for students. Last week I started leaders training (see photo below). All of these students have become leaders of their campus groups this year and are looking for some encouragement and direction. As always, I was a bit worried that no one would show up, but God brought just the right members to join us, and the students were spurred on to serve their campus’ well. Please pray for them, that God will use them to see his Word go out amongst their universities and that as we continue to meet, he will use us to build each other up.

Thank you as always for your partnership and prayers,
Love Kellie

PS. If you are a podcast listener, you might like to check this out. It is me chatting about the journey I took to being a missionary in Japan.



Picture: First leaders training of the year.

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