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Greetings to you all. I realise that many of you who will be reading this are currently in lockdown of some sort. I pray that you will know God’s love and comfort, whatever this time may bring.

For me it is exactly one month today (28th) until I am scheduled to fly out of Japan. Earlier this month, the Australian government halved the caps for the numbers of people who can enter the country. As far as I know, my tickets are still valid but there are many stories of people having their flights cancelled, even only days before their departure. As you can imagine, this adds another level of uncertainty to an already uncertain time. Please pray that I will keep trusting in the One who never changes and keep sharing the certain hope that we have in these uncertain times.

As for ministry here in Japan, our regular campus and block meetings finished up last week as students head into end of semester exams. Many of them report that they have less exams and more written assessments than usual, so please pray they will be able to get everything finished on time and still prioritise time with God and His people.

Last weekend we had the Kansai Young Graduates Camp. It was lovely to catch up with many of those who have graduated over the last 5 years or so. I was encouraged that despite the challenges they face, they still continue to seek to serve God in their daily lives. We were encouraged to think about the commandments to love the Lord and to love our neighbour as ourselves. Please pray that these young graduates will keep trusting in the one who saved them and that they will be lights of hope in their workplaces.

August, as always is a hectic month. This year the students are working hard to make our Summer Camp welcoming to their non-Christian friends, which is not easy to do when it is online. Please pray that students will sign up to come themselves, but also have the courage to ask their friends, that many may attend and that some might be saved.

Thanks again for your partnership in the gospel,


Pictures: Last Hyogo Block Meeting for the semester, Young graduates camp

KGK Picture of National Staff Conference

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