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Greetings from humid Kobe,

When I wrote last we were in a state of emergency which was extended until the 11th of June. Since it has been lifted, not a lot has changed although we are doing a few more things in-person at church, but still on a small scale. On Saturday, I was able to get my first Pfizer vaccination. This is much earlier than I thought would be possible and it will mean that I will be fully vaccinated before I get on the plane back to Australia at the end of August. Praise God for this good provision and please pray for continued good health up until I leave.

June is one of my favourite months of KGK ministry. Things have settled down from the beginning of the academic year (April), campus groups are up and running and I basically just get to meet up with students and read the bible without too much other stuff interfering 😊 Of course this is all still online but this really has become the new norm for us. There have been 4 campus groups that have been restarted and it is encouraging to see the students getting excited, and seeing the benefits, of meeting together to study the Bible and pray for one another. Leaders training has continued to be encouraging and I’d love you to pray for the 5 students who’ve been attending, that they will have been better equipped to lead their groups and care for the other members.

Although the CMS Lasting Hope Appeal ended on the 30th of June, it’s not too late to help to keep missionaries like myself serving on location, as well as raise up new workers for God’s harvest.  If you are able to make a one-off contribution to support God’s mission through CMS, please do so at lastinghope.cms.org.au

Thank you for your continued partnership through prayer and support.
Love Kellie


Pictures: The 4 campus groups that have been restarted over the last couple of months

KGK Picture of National Staff Conference
KGK Picture of National Staff Conference

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