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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your prayers for what has been a pretty crazy conference season. NET (National Evangelical students Training) was as full-on as I expected but it was also really encouraging. The strand 1 groups had the opportunity to get an idea of the big picture of the Bible, while strand 2 dug deeply into Ephesians and wrote short talks on the second half of chapter 2. Please continue to pray that the things learnt will continue to bear fruit in the students’ lives.

The lead up to Spring Camp threw us a few curve balls but it was all sorted out eventually. It was so great to meet in person on the last day even though we had to bring the timing forward to avoid the rain. We met outside at Osaka Castle park, sang together, played games and heard from God’s word. This was the first physical gathering for the Kansai region for over a year and there was definitely a sense of celebration. Praise God for the students’ desire to meet and encourage each other.

April will bring the beginning of the new academic year in Japan. There is still much uncertainty whether classes will be online or not and whether groups will be able to meet on campus. We are planning to start our regional prayer meetings online as we usually meet in churches but this is still difficult. Please continue to pray that I will work out how to best support and encourage the students, both online and in person.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. May God continue to strengthen you as you serve Him in the place that He has sent you to.

In Christ,


Picture: NET ‘group’ photo

Picture: Kansai Spring Camp in-person day

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