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Greetings from rainy Kobe,

Golden Week is a time at the end of April and beginning of May where a number of public holidays line up to create a week or so of holidays. Like last year, everyone was encouraged not to travel during this time. This meant that our CMS Japan Conference went online but it was still a good chance to catchup with everyone. I was also able to go hiking locally with some friends and do some baking with kids from my church.

The Covid situation here continues in much the same way. The current state of emergency is supposed to end on the 31 May, but it is highly likely that it will be extended, probably for another 3 weeks. The only change that this means for me is that I attend church online and lead youth group on zoom. Please pray that I will be able to continue to be creative in sustaining relationships and caring for people well.

With first semester in full swing, it has been nice to get into a bit more of a regular rhythm.  Online campus groups have started up and meeting with students to read the Bible together is probably my favourite part of my job. Like any small group, they can sometimes be hard work, with students busy or distracted, but in general we all come away encouraged by what God has been teaching us together. Please pray that students will keep prioritising meeting around the Word of God and letting it transform their hearts and lives.

It has been really encouraging to have a number of first year students regularly attending our block and campus meetings. It is always a challenge to connect with new students, as most campuses don’t allow us to put up posters or hand out leaflets. This of course is made more difficult when everything is online. Give thanks for the first-year students who have been connected to KGK through their church or family and pray that they will be encouraged and spurred on to serve God.

It’s that time of year again (yay!) The CMS Lasting Hope Appeal helps to keep missionaries like me serving on location, as well as raise up new workers for God’s harvest. This year, CMS needs to raise $1.6 million to support missionaries as they share the gospel of lasting hope. If you are able to make a one-off contribution to support God’s mission through CMS, please do so at lastinghope.cms.org.au

Thank you for your continued partnership through prayer and support.
Love Kellie


KGK Picture of National Staff Conference

Picture: KGK National Staff Conference.

Picture of CMS Japan Catch-up

Picture: CMS Japan Catch-up

Picture of Hyogo block welcome party (5 first year students attended)

Picture: Hyogo block welcome party (5 first year students attended)

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