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Hi everyone,

Thank you as always for your prayers for me and the ministry of KGK.

Second semester is well and truly under way. Most students have classes in a combination of online and face-to-face but our KGK meetings continue to be primarily online. Meetings of clubs on campus are not allowed and finding alternate venues is not possible. While online Bible studies and prayer meetings are going well, there is definitely a sense of online fatigue, or maybe it is just me. One of the continued bonuses of online small groups is that I continue to be able to attend much more regularly than I would if I had to travel to the campuses.

Another blessing recently was the opportunity to attend the MTS Recruit Conference. It is a conference to encourage people to think about serving in full-time ministry and I have been keen to get some Japanese people to attend for a while. Because it was online this year, we were able to gather a group of Japanese students, graduates and others for the conference (3rd zoom picture). The main sessions were in English but we were able to do our small groups and mentoring sessions in Japanese on zoom. I had lots of good conversations with the delegates and also with the other trainer  who attended. We have been discussing how we might be able to get a program similar to MTS happening in Japanese churches. Exciting so stay tuned.

Christmas is usually a huge opportunity in Japan for outreach. This year it has been difficult to decide how best to use this opportunity. Our Hyogo block Christmas party will be online and I have been trying to encourage the students to think about how we can make it non-Christian friendly but it is still a big step to attend online. We will be going hiking on the 14th of November and I’ve encouraged the students to invite their friends as the first step to inviting them to hear the message at Christmas. Please pray that they will be bold and enthusiastic to see their friends come to know Jesus.

In Christ,

Prayer points:

  • Please pray for me as I continue to attend Bible study groups, for focus and enthusiasm despite the distractions that can occur when meeting online.
  • Give thanks for the encouragement of MTS Recruit Conference and pray that God will be raising up more local workers for the harvest field in Japan.
  • Please pray for opportunities over Christmas, both corporately and personally, to share the good news of Jesus birth.

Below: Kansai Autumn Camp, Hyogo prayer meeting, MTS recruit Japanese contingent

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