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Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for all of your prayers. Although this summer camp season has been different to usual, it has been no less encouraging.

Strand 1 went really well and was lots of fun. We spent the week working our way through the story of the Bible and covered things like revelation, the Trinity and sanctification on the way. Even if you can’t read Japanese, I bet you can have a good guess at this diagram below 🙂 Please pray that this will be a good foundation for the students as they continue to learn from God’s word and seek to serve Him in their lives.

Bible Camp also went off without a hitch. The student committee were amazing and I was really thankful to God for their gifts and abilities. Although I had the unenviable job of juggling the zoom meeting, it all went smoothly. We were challenged to think about what we value most in life, and reminded that we are loved children of God who have been provided for abundantly. Please pray for students that their decisions will be shaped by who they are in Christ and that they will always have him as number one in their lives.

On Saturday (12th) the Hyogo students met in person to enjoy some fireworks by the river. This was the first time to see their actual faces since February. We took all the necessary precautions, meeting outside, everyone wearing masks and trying to keep our distance (except in the photo). It was so nice to finally meet our first year students in person after so many months of only knowing them as zoom heads. Please pray that this physical meeting will have encouraged students and will have given us the boost that we need as we continue to meet together online in second semester (starting at the end of September).

In Christ,


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