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Hi all,

How things have changed since I last wrote. I decided to send a video update this month just to make things more exciting 🙂

Give thanks for:

  • My lovely new apartment, that it makes it easier to stay at home because it is light and airy.
  • The opportunity to do some more reading and reflecting on different things
  • Our proverbs reading group and the things God has taught us through this group.

Pray for:

  • Good balance of work/life rhythm
  • First-year students, that they will get connected with KGK and will feel welcome despite the challenges
  • KGK staff to know how to best support and encourage students remotely.
  • Japanese pastors as they struggle to get services online and work out how to do ministry in this new world.
  • That God will use us in ’such a time as this’ for His glory.

In Gospel partnership,


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