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New Life at Home is LIVE on YouTube and Facebook from 9am every Sunday  morning.

We have a temporary opportunity to meet in the School Hall on Sundays. With the uncertainty of the weather, the Elders and Staff have decided to abandon Picnic Church and accept the limitations of meeting in the School Hall while we can.

It won’t yet be like it was before lockdown, but will enable us to warmly engage with one another around God’s Word, celebrate Jesus and see our place in the ‘flock’ God has secured us in.

5 December & 12 December

10:30am services at Ngunnawal School Hall.

The first 10 minutes of our gathering will include music playing and connecting with one another. Seating will be configured to allow households to sit together. Just as you might safely and warmly invite someone into your home you can invite others into your household  seating.

Please bring a bible, morning tea and drinks for yourself. Side doors will be open for ventilation so dress warmly if weather is cool.

There won’t be a band and singing on 5 December, but plan to add this on 12 December ahead of Carols on 19 December and Christmas Day celebration.

REMINDER: Maintain good hand hygiene / Keep your distance (1.5m) / Stay home if unwell and get tested / Check in for contact tracing / Masks required on school property

Masks required!

A condition of entry to public school property (indoors and outdoors) is the wearing of face masks by everyone 12 years and older.

Zechariah – Hope Is For Real: This Sunday we are reading Zechariah 12-13 with all-ages engaged together around God’s Word.

New Life @ Home: A livestream broadcast will be available from 9am on 5 & 12 December to conclude the Zechariah series.

There will be no broadcast on 19 December.

From 26 December the Summer Refresh series will be broadcast from 9am every Sunday until 6 February.

NewLife Kids@Home: With the resumption of physical gatherings a weekly program on the website will be paused. For the Christmas season there will be a Christmas Special which can be used in families at any time.

‘Simply Christmas’ Carols@NewLife – 19 December:

10:30am Carols service at School Hall with uplifting carol singing and readings from Luke’s Gospel for all ages and guests.

Christmas@NewLife – 25 December:

9am Christmas service at School Hall followed by morning tea at Smidt Home.

Summer@NewLife: Every Sunday of the summer school holidays (from 26 December) meeting in the church building in smaller gatherings of up to 50 people at a time (9am; 10:30am and adding other times if needed).

We are planning to be back in the NPS Hall from 30 January. Starting on  Christmas Day and continuing to Easter we are reading Luke’s Gospel.

Luke 1-2 / Simply Christmas

Luke 3-9 / Simply Christ

Term 1
Luke 10-24 / Simply Christianity

TEAR USeful Gifts Shop: Printed catalogues will be available at Church to plan your purchases at upcoming gatherings.

You can order online using the button below:

Mission Partner Update – Jericho Road: Read the latest prayer update from Jericho Road.

Community prayer concerns

  • University FOCUS Group: Give thanks for the recent National
    Training Event to equip students for making Jesus known on university campuses across Australia. A team of students are visiting New Life ministries (Fri-Sun).

  • Peter & Bec F: Joining them in celebration with thanksgiving and  dedication for David (son) on 12 December.

Contact Russell to share your concerns for prayer here: connect@discovernewlife.church

Grace and peace,

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