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This summer we are doing ‘church’ in a way that helps us to:

Engage deeply with the gospel

Watch the 7-part Summer Refresh series in Philippians. Broadcast at 9am every Sunday.

Use the Study Guide to shape your prayers for personal refreshment.


Engage warmly with others

Meet with others on Sundays at the Church Building, as we start our new sermon series in Luke.

9AM / 10:30AM*
New Life Presbyterian Church
107 Wanganeen Av.

*BYO Mask, Check-in Required

Sunday 26 December

Talk 1: Philippians 1:1-11
The Secret To Your Best Year Yet

We all hope the next year is more awesome than the last… especially in 2021. The gospel message of what God is doing in the world refreshes our perspective that makes every year the best yet.

Sunday 2 January 2021

Talk 2: Philippians 1:12-30
Will my life get better?

Everybody hurts and everybody cries. The gospel message of what God is doing in the world refreshes us from the inside to a greater hope and joy.

Sunday 9 January

Talk 3: Philippians 2:1-11
How do I love like Jesus?

Once we recognise our arrogance and pride, Jesus’ example of humility and love refreshes our lives, relationships and the world.

Sunday 16 January

Talk 4: Philippians 2:12-30
Am I doing enough for God?

The realisation of what God is doing in the world and in us refreshes our determination to live godly lives worthy of the gospel.

Sunday 23 January

Talk 5: Philippians 3:1-4:1
Is there anything left to hope for?

In the face of hopelessness and distraction the gospel message lifts our eyes to the prize of heaven and refreshes our heavenward pursuit.

Sunday 30 January

Talk 6: Philippians 4:2-9
How to relieve your stress

The gospel message refreshes our stress in relationships: it calls us to peace and enables us to know peace.

Sunday 6 February

Talk 7: Philippians 4:10-23
How to live your best life

The best life is a contented attitude of genuine satisfaction with whatever Christ brings in life.

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