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Download the pdf or use our Reader online to check out this month’s PCNSW/ACT magazine, which provides news to and between the General Office, Assembly Committees and businesses and our congregations. We have been encouraged to hear how well our move to an online platform from a print version has been received by our readers.

You can now click through from the front cover to any story or section which interests you.

Our cover story discusses how one of our schools, The Scots College in Sydney, has managed to deliver the same message of Jesus through different communications methods during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown.

 Scots Bathurst, meanwhile, managed to create a safe and encouraging environment for its boarders during the Easter holiday and our June Pulse features a delightful story about that. We also have a story on how to make the most of lockdown and how families are benefitting.

You will read an update from our General Manager, Jeof Falls, on the move to allow people back into churches, while John McClean looks at the ethics around Your Moral Vision, Peter Barnes continues his series on Elijah and our special features come this month from APWM,  Reformers Bookstore, METRO.

Meanwhile, please share the link with your family, friends and church families and encourage them to sign up to receive the magazine directly into their email box.

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